Las perífrasis verbales: un planteamiento contrastivo entre español e italiano

Rocío Luque


A large number of verbal periphrasis in Spanish, not much present in practical dictionaries made
us concentrate here on these cases of periphrasis, in which the auxiliary verb is subjected to a major
lexicalization, which makes, in consequence, a significant contrast with the Italian language. In our
analyses of structures which, the most approximatively, reflect the aspectual characteristic features,
such as: obligation, reiteration, approximation, inchoativity, perfectiveness, hipoteticity and modality,
our point of reference was to find corresponding equivalents in Italian.
We also emphasised the importance of the situational context, as the point of reference to the time
of finding the most adequate translation in the target language, which, in this instance, Italian is, language not so rich in verbal periphrasis.

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