Outside the Box: Benjamine Fondane’s Ambiguous Identity: Thoughts on Tożsamość niejednoznaczna: Historyczne, filozoficzne i literackie konteksty twórczości B. Fundoianu/Benjamine’a Fondane’a (1898–1944) by Olga Bartosiewicz  

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The following review article discusses the first Polish monograph devoted to the figure of Benjamin Fundoianu/Fondane, by Olga Bartosiewicz. It summarises the main arguments of the study, which constitutes a thorough overview of the poet’s life and work. It also praises the author for her ability to create a convincing portrayal of a modernist in a state of turmoil, engaged in an identity quest, or in a flight from himself and his origins, at a very unfortunate time in history.

Słowa kluczowe: Fundoianu/Fondane monograph, Polish translation, Olga Bartosiewicz

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