Challenges and Prospects for the Art Market Vis-à-vis the Evolving EU Regime for Counteracting Illicit Trade in Cultural Objects (Erika Bochereau talks to Alicja Jagielska-Burduk and Andrzej Jakubowski)


Erika Bochereau is Secretary General of the International Federation of Art and Antique Dealer Associations (CINOA).
Established in 1935, CINOA is the principal international confederation of Art & Antique art market professional associations. Affiliated dealers from 30 leading associations cover a wide array of specialties, from antiquities to contemporary art. CINOA’s associate members include leading associations of auction houses and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), which alone represents an additional 22 book seller associations. CINOA, and all of its member organizations, have a strict application process to ensure acceptance of only peer-vetted art professionals that have established businesses, reputable galleries, and/or practices. CINOA-affiliated groups abide by a high standard of business practices and codes of ethics which include strict due diligence. During the past nearly 70 years, dealers have been changing their practices to abide by biodiversity, cultural property, and heritage legislation. The CINOA Code of Conduct is updated regularly to reflect these changes. The vast majority of CINOA’s members are businesses of four people or less who work hard to cultivate their clientele: UNESCO uses the term partnership for very specific relationships. I don’t think we can keep this sentence.

Alicja Jagielska-Burduk is Editor-in-chief of the “Santander Art and Culture Law Review” (SAACLR) and the holder of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Law at the University of Opole.

Andrzej Jakubowski serves as SAACLR Deputy Editor-in-chief and Leader of the project “Legal Forms of Cultural Heritage Governance in Europe – A Comparative Law Perspective”, No. UMO-2019/35/B/ HS5/02084, financed by the National Science Centre (Poland). The present interview was undertaken within the framework of this research project.

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