Cultural heritage law in the UNESCO Chairs’ activities. The 30th anniversary of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme (Prawo dziedzictwa kultury w działalności Katedr UNESCO. 30. rocznica programu UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs)

Alicja Jagielska-Burduk


The UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks are recognized as UNESCO’s “extended family” (Doc. 207 EX/11) and their membership brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to UNESCO Programmes, while serving as an important dimension of UNESCO’s comparative advantage for other potential partners. The UNESCO Chairs Programme celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The main celebrations for this achievement will be held in Paris in November 2022. The international conference is organized by UNESCO with the support of the French national commission for UNESCO. At the national level, more events will be held online and in person.

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