Seit Lichtenstein nichts Neues? – oder: zur Idee einer Urverwandtschaft des Arabischen mit dem Deutschen

Michael Knüppel


Nothing new since Lichtenstein? – Or, the idea of a common origin of Arabic and German
The following review article deals with the dilettantish attempts of cAbdal-Ḥaqq Fāḍil to connect German and Arabic in the sense of genetic language relationship. The author of the book under review is neither able to clarify whether he means “German” or “Germanic”, nor whether he wants to postulate Arabic as a kind of worldproto-language or to create a new language family. In addition, he ignores all well-known Lautgesetze (sound laws) as well as all researches in the field of historical linguistics of the last two hundred years.

Słowa kluczowe: etymology, diachrony, language contact, areal linguistics, linguistic history

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