Seen from Warsaw: Poland's Yiddish Press Reporting on Jewish Life in Argentina

Mariusz Kałczewiak


The article explores the dominant representations and images of Argentina present in Warsaw’s interwar Yiddish dailies. Examining articles, reports and advertisements published in Haynt, Der Moment and Hayntige Nayes, the author reconstructs patterns, forms and contexts in which Argentina appeared in the analyzed Yiddish press. By critically looking at the Argentina-themed contents consumed, absorbed and reflected by Polish Jewish readers, the author discusses their knowledge, visions and attitudes towards Argentina formed on the basis of newspapers they read. Various issues of Polish-Jewish Argentinian reality mirrored in the media discourse, reopening already broadly discussed problems of migration, prostitution and crime are discussed. The presence of Argentina in Poland’s Yiddish press is portrayed as an example of wider transnational ties linking Polish Jews in Argentina with their coreligionists in the home country. Focusing on Argentina, a relatively less significant emigration country, the author contributes to the research on Jewish minority discourses.


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