Polska w poezji Uriego Cwi Grinberga i Awota Jeszuruna

Anna Piątek


The image of Poland in the poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg and Avot Yeshurun

 The article discusses the image of Poland in the works of two Hebrew poets, Uri Zvi Greenberg and Avot Yeshurun, whose biographies are closely connected with Poland. Both of them expressed their complex and often contradictory feelings towards their European past but each of them did it in his own way. Greenberg in his main works created a national and political narrative. Even when he referred to personal memories, they were usually combined with a social diagnosis. In contrast, Yeshurun in his poetry expressed, above all, personal feelings of devotion to the abandoned town and family as well as longing and sense of guilt.


Słowa kluczowe: Uri Zwi Grinberg, Awot Jeszurun, Polska, poezja hebrajska, Holokaust, pamięć Holokaustu