Żydzi w Nowych Atenach Benedykta Chmielowskiego

Jerzy Kroczak

Benedykt Chmielowski (1700–1763), a Catholic priest, the author of the New Athens encyclopaedia (extended edition: Lwów 1754–1756) included in his polyhistorical work plenty of information on issues related to Jews. The article discusses these issues and connects their specificity with the character of different parts of the work in which Chmielowski placed them as well as with the detected and secret sources of his knowledge about Jews (especially books by Early Modern scholars) and the ways he dealt with those sources. The author of the article also shows Chmielowski’s writing strategies, placing New Athens in the tradition of baroque encyclopaedism—a literary production typical of the previous epoch.
Słowa kluczowe: encyklopedyzm, Nowe Ateny, Benedykt Chmielowski