Operacja „Wyjazd z Polski”: Katriel Katz i jego dyplomatyczna misja w Polsce (1956–1958)

Ewa Węgrzyn


Operation “Leaving Poland”: Katriel Katz and His Diplomatic Mission to Poland (1956–1958)

The article describes the diplomatic mission to Poland of the Israeli representative Katriel Katz in 1956–1958. Special attention is given to the results of the political activity of this diplomat in Warsaw, in particular to the issue concerning the aliyah of Polish Jews to Israel in this period. A very important part of the article focuses on Yaakov Barmore’s case, who was regarded by Polish authorities as persona non grata and was expelled from Poland in 1958.

Keywords: Poland, Israel, aliyah, diplomacy, Jews

Słowa kluczowe: Polska, Izrael, alija, dyplomacja, Żydzi