Na jubileusz 25-lecia czasopisma „Studia Judaica. Półrocznik” (numery 1–50/1998–2022)

Stefan Gąsiorowski


On the Occasion of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Journal “Studia Judaica. Semi-annual” (Numbers 1–50/1998–2022)

The article discusses twenty-five years of the existence of the academic journal Studia Judaica. Semi-annual which is an organ of the Polish Association for Jewish Studies. First, it is presented how the association itself was created, and then the periodical was founded. Next, it describes where the subsequent offices of the journal’s editorial office were located, who published the journal, and the composition of its editorial staff. Moreover, general information on the authors of the texts appearing in this periodical, their subject matter, and their reviewers are summarized. Finally, the focus is placed on the financial situation of Studia Judaica as well as its general condition and plans for the future.

Keywords: Studia Judaica. Semi-annual, Polish Association for Jewish Studies, editorial office, academic journals.

Słowa kluczowe: „Studia Judaica. Półrocznik”, Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Żydowskich, redakcja, czasopisma naukowe