Homoerotyka i autocenzura. Nowe spojrzenie na wczesną twórczość poetycką Szmuela Jankewa Imbera 

Adam Stepnowski


Homoerotics and Self-Censorship: New Views on the Early Poetry of Shmuel Yankev Imber

This article explores queer traits in the early poetry of Shmuel Yankev Imber. The author identifies those spaces, where the sexual identity of the lyrical “I” is fluid and defies the sexual, social and literary norms of the poet’s time. The article emphasizes acts of self-censorship that occurred within Imber’s oeuvre in the short period between 1909 and 1914 when he published his second book. The social and literary context in which Imber lived and worked is also taken into consideration.

Słowa kluczowe: studia queer, poeci żydowscy, poezja jidysz, homoseksualizm, autocenzura, Szmuel Jankew Imber, queer studies, Jewish poets, Yiddish poets, homosexuality, self-censorship, Shmuel Yankev Imber