Wizerunek Żydów w dowcipach rysunkowych na łamach „Muchy” (1935–1939)

Aleksandra Guja


The Image of Jews in Cartoons from the “Mucha” Magazine (1935–1939) 

The article discusses the visual images of Jews presented in cartoons from the satirical journal Mucha between 1935and 1939. Mucha was a major satirical magazine in Poland and the only one published during the whole interwar period. The aim of the study is to analyze the visual discourse about Jews emerging from cartoons using digital tools (MAXQDA). Both quantitative and qualitative methods were applied to check which elements of the picture create a specific type of stereotype. The findings suggest that the overall image of Jews is contradictory, albeit dominated by categories related to money and trade. There are also images that do not fit into the dominant antisemitic discourse.

Słowa kluczowe: Żydzi, dowcip rysunkowy, międzywojnie, prasa satyryczna, stereotypy, antysemityzm, Jews, cartoons, interwar Poland, satirical journals, stereotypes, antisemitism