Chrześcijańskie ramy, żydowskie treści? Żydowskie kazania szkolne w Galicji

Alicja Maślak-Maciejewska


Christian Framework, Jewish Content? Jewish School Sermons in Galicia

The article is devoted to so-called “exhortations,” school sermons delivered to Jewish school youth in Galicia since the 1880s by Jewish teachers of religion. The author traces the roots of these sermons by analyzing the legal framework and the realms of Galician school that since the late 1860s became non-confessional. Sermons were part of religious education which in theory should have been provided to all children. The article shows that the Jewish exhortations, while retaining Jewish content, resembled Christian sermons in various ways (sources, length, language, typical features such as brevity, chronology of publication, even frequency of the words). Those affinities and relationship between both traditions are analyzed in the article.

Słowa kluczowe: homiletyka żydowska, homiletyka chrześcijańska, Galicja, szkoły publiczne, młodzież, XIX wiek, edukacja religijna, kazania, Jewish homiletics, Christian homiletics, Galicia, public schools, youth, the nineteenth century, religious education, sermons