Kimian States: The Case of Stative Passive Participles Corresponding to Roz- Object Experiencer Verbs in Polish

Anna Malicka-Kleparska


In this text we consider properties of stative passive participles corresponding to roz- Object Experiencer verbs in Polish. They are viewed in the light of the distinction between Davidsonian states (Davidson 1967)and Kimian states(Kim 1976). Polish statives with roz- passive participles seem to show features of both Kimian and Davidsonian states. We will consider the results of various tests proposed in the literature of the subject to discover properties of the relevant Polish structures and offer an explanation for the areas in which roz- structures diverge from the characteristics of Kimian states.

Słowa kluczowe: Kimian states, Davidsonian states, stative, participles, Object Experiencer verbs, Polish

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