Koncepcja demokracji i niepolitycznej polityki Tomasza Garrigue’a Masaryka

Marek Bankowicz


Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, the fi rst and many year long President of the Czechoslovak Republic, was the author of an original theory of democracy. In his eyes, politics may not be dominated by issues of power and its derivatives, but should be based on moral principles and creatively serve to solve people’s problems. Democracy, if properly implemented, gradually brings the realization of humanitarian ideals and political diversion to public life and social relations from the politics of power towards the non-political – ethical and scientifi c – politics. A wider popularity of this kind of behaviour, i.e. humanitarian and non-political politics will, over time, lead to a democracy which will cease to be merely a political mechanism and electoral decision-making procedure, and will become a world-view of modern citizens, which of course does not mean that it will take on the form of a new religion.

Słowa kluczowe: Masaryk, democracy, humanitarianism, ethics, politics, non-political politics