An effective approach to Picard-Vessiot theory and the Jacobian Conjecture

Paweł Bogdan,

Zbigniew Hajto,

Elżbieta Adamus


In this paper we present a theorem concerning an equivalent statement of the Jacobian Conjecture in terms of Picard-Vessiot extensions. Our theorem completes the earlier work of T. Crespo and Z. Hajto which suggested an effective criterion for detecting polynomial automorphisms of affine spaces. We show a simplified criterion and give a bound on the number of wronskians determinants which we need to consider in order to check if a given polynomial mapping with non-zero constant Jacobian determinant is a polynomial automorphism. Our method is specially efficient with cubic homogeneous mappings introduced and studied in fundamental papers by H. Bass, E. Connell, D.Wright and L. Drużkowski

Słowa kluczowe: Picard-Vessiot theory, Polynomial mapping, Jacobian Conjecture

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