The East Galician Zionist Federation and the Polish Governments of 1922–1926

Nadia Skokova


The fledgling processes of the single-state governmental system of the reborn Polish state in 1920 were intended to deal with many current challenges and historical backgrounds. The article analyses the causes and different contexts and conditions which were forged to initiate the Polish-Jewish negotiations of 1925. The primary attention is focused on the solutions to the economic crisis and its consequences. Also, we consider the in-house situation between different factions in the Jewish Club to better understand all the pros and cons that made the future agreements possible. To provide such analysis of the Polish-Jewish negotiations, we use the Rogers Brubaker’s nationalising  approach, which lets us examine the interactions between the Polish state nationalismand the nationalism of East Galician Zionists. We also apply multiple situational analysis to investigate the ample variety of reasons behind those negotiations. This approach allowed us to consider the 1925 Agreement in the broad geopolitical context in which both sides were interested.

Słowa kluczowe: state nationalism, national minority nationalism, economic crisis, political discourse, Galician Zionist

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Secondary sources

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