International Security and Defense – The Example of NATO Operations

Eleni Daniiloudi-Zielińska,

Magdalena El Ghamari


Today's crisis response operations carried out outside the country are located in the dynamic global environment. Their multinational character resulted in a revaluation of views on security and defense, in the context of the use and operation of the armed forces. A large number of crisis response operations also contributed to the number of entities involved in the military and non-military tasks. Changes in the global security environment, the interplay between policy and foreign countries mean that the strategy of the Armed Forces can not be equated only with the art of distribution and use of military means. What's more, there is no one correct way of planning activities of the Armed Forces operating in an alliance or a coalition of multinational operations. Globalization has imposed certain ways of conduct and respond to threats.

Słowa kluczowe: NATO operations, military structure, North Atlantic Council

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