Obraz szpitala psychiatrycznego w świetle polskich dzieł literackich XX w.

Piotr Koprowski


An image of a psychiatric hospital in the light of contemporary Polish literary works

The article presents a few comments on the image of a psychiatric hospital in the light of selected contemporary Polish literary works. The presence of various types or variants of the psychiatric hospital in these texts, eloquently testifies to the power of artistic imagination. Most of the creators certainly would not like to „visit” the existing outlets of their own kind. Nevertheless, thanks to them, images of psychiatric fictions were created and created, to which the elements of historical and medico‑moral particulars permeate. It seems that these artistic creations generally confirm the stereotype of a mentally ill person functioning in the social consciousness, which should be isolated as soon as possible from the so‑called healthy environment and subjected to hospitalization in a specialist facility. In the texts cited, the thought did not appear that a psychiatrist should intervene only if he wants it or if it is a real threat to others. It is an eloquent contribution to the shape and the face of contemporary culture and mentality.

Słowa kluczowe: szpital psychiatryczny, literatura polska, XX w.

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