Polscy imigranci w Stanach Zjednoczonych wobec konfliktu zbrojnego na Kubie w 1898 r. w świetle prasy polonijnej

Daniel Kiper


Polish immigrants in the United States and the armed conflict in Cuba in 1898 based on the Polish press in America

This article focuses on the conduct of the soldiers of Polish descent participating in the military action during the American‑Spanish War. The paper begins with the presentation of views on the war expressed in the Polish press published in America and the Polish lands.
The main part of the work analyses soldiers’ accounts published in the Polish press released in America and compare them with the media’s depiction of the war presented in the pages of the Polish newspapers and magazines in America. Additionally, the article attempts to establish the motives behind Polish volunteers’ decision to join the American army. It was possible to find the answers to several important research questions such as how the participants of those events perceived themselves as those who fought for the interests of the United States, how they confronted their expectations with reality and how they recalled the war.

Słowa kluczowe: wojna amerykańsko-hiszpańska, Polacy w Stanach Zjednoczonych, XIX w.

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