Bojowaniem jest żywot ludzki, czyli o dylematach Polaków czasu zaborów

Krzysztof Lewalski


Fighting is human life. About the dilemmas of Poles during the partitions

The article deals mainly with the attitudes and choices of Poles during the partitions of 1795–1918. It was a time not only of armed struggle, but primarily everyday struggle with the reality of the time of captivity, because, as Andrzej Chwalba notes, Polish uprisings lasted only about three years in total. In this context, the fundamental question is: What did it mean to be a loyalist, realist, idealist, patriot during the partitions? Where were the boundaries beyond which one could be called a traitor? The very complicated conditions of the captivity period gave these attitudes new, specific dimensions. The article is an attempt to show the scale of the dilemmas faced by Poles of that time, participants of the social and political life, and, at least in part, to understand the motivation of their choices.

Słowa kluczowe: historia Polski XIX w., walka o niepodległość, patriotyzm, zdrada narodowa

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