Lojalność wobec Boga i cnót rycerskich w Le livre de chevalerie Godfryda de Charny

Łukasz Niewiński


Loyalty towards God and chivalric virtues in Le livre de chevalerie of Godfryd de Charny

Godfryd de Charny is the author of the Book of Chivalry (Livre de chevalerie). The direct context of this work creation were multiple French defeats and the advantage of the Englishmen in the Hundred Years’ War, as well as the foundation of the Order of the Knights with the Red Star in 1352 and positive changes that this foundation triggered. The French knight, seeing multiple abuses, noticed the urgent need of the chivalric state reformation. Undoubtedly, his work is one of the most precious sources of knowledge for the medieval thought and customs.

In the present article, based on the abovementioned work of Godfryd de Charny, the chivalric models have been presented. Those models are vocation and service, and they put on the first place honour, courage and bravery. All knights’ actions are subordinated to the superior principle of honourable conduct. A knight should be of noble birth and godly. He can earn the most considerable glory by the armed acts, heroism on the battlefield and loyalty.

Słowa kluczowe: Godfryd de Charny, średniowiecze, etos rycerski, literatura średniowieczna, XIV w.