Cholera a COVID-19. Różne choroby, wspólna profilaktyka

Iwona Janicka


Cholera and COVID-19. Different diseases, common prevention measures

Cholera and COVID-10 are two different diseases that have spread across the globe from Asia. The former is caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, while the second is caused by a virus belonging to the corona virus group. Despite the differences in their course and treatment, one can find similarities in epidemic prevention measures imposed in the XIXth century and currently. Actions in this area can be divided into hygienic-sanitary measures including personal care, such as, personal hygiene, physical and psychological health, and medical-policing procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. These last measures include: quarantines, cordons sanitaires, limitations of various kinds on social, cultural, and economic life. The common denominator in the case of both diseases is their avoidance via vaccination.

Słowa kluczowe: cholera, COVID-19, koronawirus, profilaktyka

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