On the consonant adaptation of Arabic (and some Persian) loan-words in an Ottoman Turkish dictionary by Arcangelo Carradori (1650)

Marek Stachowski


In this study an analysis of the phonetic adaptation of Arabic and Persian loan-words in Ottoman Turkish is continued (for the vocalic part of the analysis see Stachowski M. [forthcoming]). Five phenomena are presented in the context of the general Turkic phonetic evolution. These are: [a] palatalization of (-)kE- > (-)čE-; [b] varying anlaut nasality: m- > b- and b- > m-; [c] despirantization of f > p; [d] epenthetic n; [e] shortening of geminates.

Słowa kluczowe: Ottoman Turkish, Turkic, Arabic, Persian, transcription texts, Transkriptionstexte, Arcangelo Carradori, linguistic contact, lexicography, historical phonetics

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