Everything in Its Right Place: A Study on the Field of Ritual in a Gauḍīẏa Vaiṣṇava Temple

Tereza Huspeková


The focus of this article is on the spatial aspect of the daily temple rites of Gauḍīẏa Vaiṣṇavism. The study is a contribution to theoretical reflection on rituals and their role within religious systems. Studies on rituals as multi-media entities have tended to concentrate on “visible”aspects of ritual such as objects, actors or symbols, while ritual space has often been neglected. However, in this essay, I would like to show that ritual space may operate as an interactive “field of ritual,”which structures the conduct of practitioners and is subsequently structured by them. The text is modelled as an interpretative case-study grounded in field research performed in a Gauḍīẏa Vaiṣṇava temple in Kolkata. The goal of the article is to develop a theoretical approach appropriate for this particular set of data which, nevertheless, could serve as an inspiration for theorizing in analogical cases.

Słowa kluczowe: ritual, temple, space, field, Gauḍīẏa Vaiṣṇavism, rytuał, świątynia, przestrzeń, pole, wisznuizm bengalski

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