Visible, Unrecognisable – Recognisable, Silenced? Representations of Evangelism in Permanent Museum Exhibits in Masuria

Magdalena Izabella Sacha


The article addresses representations of the Evangelical denomination at contemporary permanent museum exhibits in the region of Masuria, inhabited between 1525-1945 by a Protestant majority. Applying semiotic analysis, the author presents the outcomes of field studies in the local museums in Olsztyn, Mikołajki, Mrągowo, Ogródek, Szczytno, and in the open-air museum in Olsztynek. The principal research question is the issue of visibility and recognisability of Evangelism-related items at permanent exhibits. The author concludes that there are three types of omissions in the presentation of the history of Masurian Evangelicals. The silencing of the Protestant past of Masuria results from the cultural colonisation that took place after 1945 and from identifying Evangelicalism with Germanness in the common consciousness of the currently dominant Polish Roman Catholic community.

Słowa kluczowe: permanent exhibits, museology, Evangelism, Masuria, semiotic analysis / wystawy stałe, muzealnictwo, ewangelicyzm, Mazury, analiza semiotyczna

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