God and Difference

Krzysztof Mech


This text begins a research project concerning those thinkers who associate the discussion about the possibility of thinking about God with the problem of difference. The main question of these considerations is this: How does God appear on the differentiated horizon, while torn by difference always conceived in a defined manner? If difference is inevitably inscribed in thought, then how is Godinscribed in difference? These questionslead to another: How does difference rule in reflection on divinity? In other words: How far does the way that difference is conceived affect how we reflect upon the deity? When looking for answers to these questions we take the first step towards Heidegger. Owing to the special status of ontological difference and the trace it leaves on thinking “on the horizon” of difference, it is with this we begin movement toward differentiation as such. The question about God and the difference in Heidegger's thought in this text takes the following form: How does God appear in a sphere divided by the difference between Being and beings? How does ontological difference mark the conception of God?

Słowa kluczowe: God, difference, ontological difference, beings, Being, Beyng / Bóg, różnica, różnica ontologiczna, byt, Bycie, istota Bycia

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