Przestrzenie zdeprawowanego Słowa. Teologia ruchu Niemieckich Chrześcijan i jej realizacje

Małgorzata Grzywacz


The Spaces of the Corrupted Word. The Theology of the German Christians Movement and Its Realisations

The assumption of power by the Nazis in Germany initiated a series of changes which radically changed the situation of the Christian Churches. A role of no small importance in this process was played by the structures and contents that were the result of the Protestant development of the German Christians movement. This theology, pointed towards Nazism, contributed significantly to the reception of völkisch thought, which was gradually and effectively to replace the basic doctrinal elements of the Evangelical Churches with a new message whose meaning was adjusted to the state ruled by Hitler and his supporters. This text constitutes an attempt to present the realisation of the theological contents of the Deutsche Christen movement with reference to sacred architecture and the Bible.

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