Elementy ekstatyczne we współczesnej afrykańskiej religijności ludów Ghany

Stanisław Grodź


Ecstatic Elements in the Contemporary African Religiosity of the Peoples of Ghana
The phenomena observable during an African Christian prayer session, which is hardly ever short, quiet and devoid of externally expressed emotions, would not be unanimously described as “ecstatic” by researchers, but at least some of those praying strive towards attaining a kind of ecstatic experience or state. Traditional African religions are not ecstatic religions, but ecstatic elements form an integral part of the African experiential religiosity that found its way into the Christian expressions of religiosity. After a period of suppression, these experiences are being sought after at present, especially in the neo-Pentecostal movements, and contribute to a new dynamism of Christianity in Africa. The article, after some clarifications concerning terminology, highlights some of the ecstatic elements in the religiosity of contemporary Ghanaians.

Słowa kluczowe: Prayer, ecstatic experiences, African Traditional Religions, Christianity in Africa, African Neopentecostal Christianity, experiential religiositz

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