What does the Bible tell us about Megaliths?

Arnold Lebeuf


Megalithic remnants have been the subject of numerous studies and constitute one of the most controversial subjects in archaeology. The problem of their function is still a point of disagrement among scholars. Archaeologists are usually very careful or critical about any interpretations concerning their religious, social or ritual meanings. The same scientific caution has generally led to ignoring of practices and beliefs found in modern folklore, let alone the biblical text. This is unfortunate, because the Bible is one of the very rare written sources informing us directly about prehistoric or proto-historical periods. Biblical references to the constructions and functions of megalithic monuments are numerous, and if authors have sometimes mentioned them, this has been merely as a simple list of verses without further comment or analysis. But in many places the Bible mentions the construction of megalithic monuments and gives precious information regarding their functions. Why not take them into consideration? The semantic contexts may also lead to further interpretations. I do not need to confess that the presentation only proposes a first approach to the problem, and quotations of the text will most unfortunately have to be reduced drastically.

Słowa kluczowe: Biblia, megality, Gilgal, Pascha, Chanuka , bible, megaliths, Passover, Hanukah, Early state

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