Mistyczna kosmofizjologia w wisznuizmie sahadźija

Robert Czyżykowski


Mystical Cosmophysiology in Vaishnava Sahajiya tradition

The main theme of the article is the conviction that there is no single pan-Indian concept of the subtle or mystical body. All these phenomena are closely connected with the local ecosystem and culture, and appear as an effect of the collective influence of the religions active in a particular region. There is no doubt that some differences appear because of the varieties of individual vision experiences. This paper is a presentation of the doctrine of the body in the tradition of Vaishnava Sahajiya. This doctrine is the effect of synthesis of different elements which reflect the complex and various cultural landscape of Bengal (Vaishnava, Siddhas, Tantric Buddhism, Śaktism). Generally we can distinguish yogic and mythological elements (the Vaishnava tradition of Caitanya). The system of the subtle body centres (vessels –sarovara) and the net of internal channels (nadi) is in agreement rather with the Buddhist (sahajiya) scheme of four chakras than with the Hindu Tantric model of six chakras.

Słowa kluczowe: ciało, ciało subtelne, tantra, joga, Bengal, wisznuizm sahadźija, body, subtle body, Tantra, Yoga, Vaishnava Sahajiya

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