Religion, Politics, and Issue Polarization in the United States Congress, 1959-2013

Josiah R. Baker,

Steven A. Tuch,

William V. D’Antonio


In this study we examine whether, and if so how, the confluence of religion and party has impacted voting in the U.S Congress over the past half century. We address two primary questions: first, has
religion contributed to the growing political partisanship among members of Congress over this period, and second, if so, are these cleavages reflected in congressional voting patterns? We answer both questions in the affirmative.

Słowa kluczowe: polarization in U.S. Congress, culture wars, orthodox and progressive religious worldviews , polaryzacja w Kongresie Stanów Zjednoczonych, wojny kulturowe, ortodoksyjne i postępowe światopoglądy religijne