Szacunek, cześć, kult. Biblia i protestanci

Zbigniew Pasek


Respect, Veneration, Worship. The Bible and Protestants

This article discusses the Bible and its place in Protestants’ daily lives. The study was made within the anthropology of things or anthropology of objects, a type of refl ection focusing on analysis of the behaviours associated with objects. It is assumed that such a study reveals the non-discursive (occurring outside of verbal declarations) beliefs related to a given thing, in this case the Bible. For Protestants it is the Word of God, a material record of the voice of God Himself, directed to the faithful and setting rules to live by. Although, as Max Weber said, Protestantism in the history of European culture means the “disenchantment” of religious attitudes, the examples cited in the article demonstrate the lively presence the remnants of archaic religious attitudes retain in the popular mentality. A declarative respect for the book sometimes conceals belief in its sanctity

Słowa kluczowe: protestantyzm, Biblia, antropologia rzeczy , Protestantism, the Bible, anthropology of things

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