Kategoria czasu mitycznego w komiksowych narracjach superbohaterskich

Katarzyna Bajka


Mythical Time in Superhero Comic Book Narratives

This article focuses on both cyclical and linear qualities of time in superhero-themed comic books, and confronts them with various theories of myth, stressing some major similarities and some interesting differences. It also gives a brief insight into the history and evolution of superhero narratives and explains their cultural impact and influence on consecutive generations of readers. The article aims to establish and validate a new position of superhero narratives as a modern myth material and a complete cosmology.

Słowa kluczowe: czas mityczny, antropologia kulturowa, superbohaterowie, komiksy, wędrówka bohatera, kosmologia , mythical time, cultural anthropology, superheroes, comic books, heroes journey, cosmology

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