Terminus,2019, Special Issue 1 (2019)

Redaktor naczelny: Jakub Niedźwiedź
Sekretarz redakcji: Wojciech Ryczek
Rok wydania: 2019
Articles translated from Polish by: Kaja Szymańska
Translation and publication of this issue of Terminus was financed by the Faculty of Polish Studies,
Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the
Republic of Poland under the grant 643/P-DUN/2018.


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Unknown Polish Subscriptions to the Emblems of Otto van Veen and Herman Hugo: A Study on the Functioning of Western Religious Engravings in the Old-Polish Culture

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 1-29
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.024.11285

The Revival of the Rhetorical Phoenix. Iwona Słomak, „Phoenix rhetorum” Jana Kwiatkiewicza. Wprowadzenie – przekład – opracowanie [“Phoenix rhetorum” by Jan Kwiatkiewicz: Introduction—Translation—Edition], Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw, Warsaw 2016

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 139-146
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.029.11290

On the Diploma of Nobility of Jan Januszowski and a Portrait of a Renaissance Printer

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 81-105
Data publikacji online: 4 listopada 2019
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.027.11288

Lemmas in the Old-Polish Armorial Poetry as a Manifestation of Genre Hybridisation

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 53-80
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.026.11287

Astrology—Emblematics—Heraldry: On Comets, Moons and Stars in the Book of Arms by Szymon Okolski

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 31-51
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.025.11286

Military Themes in Selected Eighteenth-Century Prayer Books in Relation to the Emblem Tradition

Terminus, 2019, Special Issue 1 (2019), s. 107-138
DOI 10.4467/20843844TE.19.028.11289