Między tęczą a kryształem. Echo u Macieja Kazimierza Sarbiewskiego jako gatunek odbicia w świetle jego komentarza do Summy teologicznej Akwinaty

Hanna Szabelska


Between the Rainbow and the Crystal Glass: Echo in Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski as a Species of Refraction in the Light of his Commentary on Summa theologica by Thomas Aquinas

The aim of this essay is to highlight an important gap in the research into the works of Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski (1595–1640), Jesuit neo-Latin poet and philosopher, namely the fact that his still unpublished lectures on one God in three persons and on angels, held in Vilnius Academy in the years 1631–1633, have remained largely unexplored by researchers so far. The main thesis is that these thomistic commentaries can considerably deepen our understanding of the dialectical and theological context of Sarbiewski’s poetry. For example, they shed new light on his Marian imagery (inter alia, the usage of the invocation “purum sine fraude vitrum”), or on his way of avoiding the danger of the infinite regress of concepts as being similar to mirror reflections.

The argument concentrates on the figure of echo in two poems: the praise of Jan Karol Chodkiewicz and the ode Secunda leuca seu Vaca as influenced by a new version of the Litany of Loreto (Litaniae Deiparae Virginis Mariae). It makes use of the definition of echo as taught in the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian courses. The phenomenon of echo is taken together with other species of refraction: the rainbow and reflection (Aristotle, Posterior Analytics, 98a. 24–29), and set against the background of new technologies, such as the production of crystal mirrors.

Słowa kluczowe: Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski, St. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, Early modern philosophy, Aristotelianism

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