Historia i narracja. O epizodzie siedleckim w Pamiętnikach Jana Chryzostoma Paska

Jacek Głażewski


Th e article is devoted to the specifi c relationship between history and narrative in the most important 17th century Polish diary – Pamiętniki by Jan Chryzostom Pasek. Th e author’s writing strategy resembled the episodic construction of epic literature. Particular plots create separate entities, therefore the narrative consists of sequences of literary scenes. Several methods allow to distinguish these self-contained wholes. Th is may be achieved e.g. by means of a topographical criterion. A very interesting example of this method is an episode from Pasek’s „military mission” to Siedlce (a small town in South-Eastern Poland). Th is small part of Pamiętniki presents the best elements of Pasek’s creative skills: his attractive method of storytelling, sense of humor, witty remarks. Th e most important thing for the writer is the creation of himself, frequently against the historical truth. Th erefore, Pasek’s narrative changes the facts and dominates the history. A contemporary reader is obliged by Pasek to „read between the lines” and to use his historical knowledge in the process of understanding and interpretation.

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