Głośny rezon... Edycja kolęd z osiemnastowiecznych rękopisów Biblioteki Karmelitanek bosych w Krakowie na Wesołej

Lucyna Sterczewska


„Głośny rezon...” – An edition. Carols from the monastery of enclosed Carmelite Nuns in Cracow presents a summary of the research regarding Carmelite Christmas canticles. „Głośny rezon...” is a collection of 18th century carols, written down by enclosed Carmelite Nuns from the Cracow monastery (Wesoła quarter). Two duplicates of the main manuscript have survived: one for the male and one for the female part of the gathering. Both of them contain 163 carols related to the birth of the Lord. The author’s main goal is to faithfully edit the original manuscripts. Since the original „Głośny rezon...” did not include music notations, they would not be attached to the present edition either. The complete edition should consist of: a transcription of the 18th century Carmelite carols, a commentary with a glossary as well as a critical apparatus including diff erent variants of the texts which can be found in other Carmelite collections of canticles from the same period. The edition should be preceded by an account of the traditions of composing carols and caroling itself, and a description of the contents of the library where „Głośny rezon...” was found. Moreover, the edited copies should be described in every detail. The planned edition will provide careful account of the diff erences, subjects and the time of origin of the carols. The article reports which tasks have  already been completed and what is left for future research

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