O siedemnastowiecznym kazaniu maryjnym Columba gemens et dolens... Sylwestra Rodkiewicza

Jan Baron


On the seventeenth century marian sermon "Columba Gemens et dolens..." by Sylwester Rodkiewicz
The conceit based on a metaphor presented in the title, played also an important role as an element influencing the shape of extensive passages of the sermon. The analysis of the work confirms the thesis concerning the dependence between the sermon-conceit and the emblematic form. The audience is influenced both by the conceit and the emblem, which is based on the same mechanism – in the course of the disquisition, the presence of the connection between initially contradictory elements is shown.

Słowa kluczowe: Columba Gemens et Dolens, Sylwester Rodkiewicz, the Sermon

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