„Szkoła rozczarowania” w poematach dygresyjnych: Słowacki – Musset

Magdalena Siwiec


School of Disenchantment” in the digressive poems: Słowacki – Musset
The article constitutes a comparative analysis of three Romantic digressive poems: Juliusz Słowacki’s Podróż do Ziemi Świętej z Neapolu and Beniowski (Journey From Naples to the Holy Land) and Alfred de Musset’s Namuna; at all of the poems are presented as an expression of the crisis of the generation of writers born around the year 1810 and often referred to as école du désenchantement. The experience of disappointment and disenchantment with reality, which is characteristic of this generation, becomes transformed here into a loss of faith in the power of one’s own poetry which is associated with the „anxiety of infl uence”. The interpretation of the texts aims at highlighting the means used by the cadet-poets which are specifi c to Romantic irony and at presenting them as a strategy for dealing with the crisis through turning it into the main topic and transforming it into the subject of poetry.

Słowa kluczowe: Romantic poems, école du désenchantement, „anxiety of influence”

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