Mistrz świata à rebours (O książce „Mistrz świata. Szkice o twórczości Marcina Świetlickiego”)

Malwina Mus


The Champion Of The World is a book concluding scientific conferences dedicated to the person of Marcin Świetlicki. It does not bring any new to knowledge about his artistic creation but collects a variety of topics. The most important of them is the relation between Świetlicki’s writing and the Romantic tradition. Unfortunately, the speakers seem not to focus enough on popcultural themes and the metaphysical dimension of the writer’s poems and prose. The reader will find three controversial statements of young critics who suggest that Świetlicki is becoming less valued among poets and readers of the younger generation. However, their claims seem to be greatly exaggerated. One thing is certain that Marcin Świetlicki is still a great ironist who provokes differing opinions about himself.

Słowa kluczowe: Marcin Świetlicki, literatura współczesna, krytyka literacka

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