Dynamizm przemian – wytrwałość humanistyki (O książce Anny Burzyńskiej Dekonstrukcja, polityka i performatyka)

Magdalena Piotrowska-Grot


Dynamism of evolution – persistence of the humanities
This text is devoted to the Anna Burzyńska’s book Deconstruction, politics and performatics, showing the philosophical transformation in the humanities in the second half of the twentieth century. Burzyńska has chosen specific way to describe these aspects of the field, although considerations apply to the mainly popular theory on the basis of literature, highlight extraordinary dynamism of this branch of knowledge and incredible speed of researchers’s responses to any signs of stagnation.
She considerated the source of these transformations in Derrida’s deconstructive vision – of what I partly agree in this review, but also I have to notice signs of manipulation. Researcher shows, however, perhaps the most important aspect of the humanities, its extremely intense relationship with almost all areas of human existence, a great sensitivity of all philosophers facing contemporary challenges and the role of literary studies, in which it comes (come) to incorporate.

Słowa kluczowe: dekonstrukcja, tekst, rozumienie, teoria literatury, Derrida Jacques

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