Young man, put your pride on the shelf. Odgrywanie płci, kamp i ironiczna męskość w serii gier tanecznych Just Dance

Piotr Sterczewski


Young man, put your pride on the shelf. Gender Performance, Camp and Ironic Masculinity in Just Dance Game Series

The article concerns the relations between dance games, gender performance and discourses of masculinity. As Miller notes (2014), dance games allow to some extent to experiment with gender performance. In Just Dance game series, there is a specific tendency in design of male avatars – many of them use irony and camp aesthetics. I argue that despite common association of camp with undermining the dominant discourses, in dance games irony and camp aesthetics have a primary purpose of encouraging men to participate in dance activities while maintaining normative masculine identity.


Słowa kluczowe: męskość, gry taneczne, kamp, ironia, gender

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