The Art of Survival: A Textual Analysis of Clarice Lispector’s The Fifth Story

Agnieszka Gabor-da Silva


The present paper proposes a textual analysis of Clarice Lispector’s short story titled The Fifth Story (A quinta história). The short narrative was published in 1964 in the collection The Foreign Legion (A legião estrangeira) and is an example of Lispector’s intense fascination with the creative process. In addition, the story discusses the idea of survival, which, in my view, is vividly and visibly reflected in the metanarrative presented by Lispector. Finally, the unusual structure of The Fifth Story undeniably draws attention to the complexity of Lispector’s poetics.

Słowa kluczowe: Clarice Lispector, short story, literary awareness, metanarrative, survival

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