Karbokrytyka: wstęp do kulturowej komparatystyki węgla

Marta Tomczok


Carbocritics: Introduction to Cultural Comparative Analysis of Coal

The article introduces the concept of carbocritics –a reflection on the environmental, ecological and humanistic aspects of modern thinking about hard coal, the prospects for its use and the dangers of burning it and processing it in relation to human health and nature. Reaching for the resources of carbon humanities, I try to show that comparative cultural studies are a natural, overriding perspective of studying the representation of natural resources in visual arts and verbal narratives, thriving and successfully used especially in times of crisis, such as the aforementioned period of introducing the European Green Deal policy in Poland. The use of cultural comparative studies and carbocritics is illustrated by the analysis of poetry of Tomasz Pietrzak, Dorota Szatters and Jakub Pszoniak, authors who are biographically related to Silesia, who in the years 2014–2017 published books partly on environmental and carbon issues.

Słowa kluczowe: karbokrytyka, komparatystyka węgla, ekokrytyka, poezja, Górny Śląsk

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