Kryzys klimatyczny a metanoia. Mistyczne aspekty współczesnego pisarstwa przyrody

Joanna Soćko


Climate Crisis and Metanoia. Mystical Aspects of Contemporary Nature Writing

The aim of this article is to provide a synthesizing overview of religious references appearing in contemporary nature writing and in discourses dealing with the issue of the climate change. The author emphasizes the importance and scale of those references, pointing to the lack of theoretical tools –not developed by “divergent”ecocritical and post-secular theories – that could be used to characterize this phenomenon. Focusing on the descriptions of mystical experiences represented in contemporary nature writing, the author refers to the psychology of religion and neurotheology to show the actual potential of religious paradigm of spiritual and mental transformation (metanoia) in the context of climate change.

Słowa kluczowe: ekokrytyka, postsekularyzm, przyrodopisarstwo, doświadczenie mistyczne, kryzys klimatyczny

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