Poetyki negatywów. Tadeusz Różewicz wobec fotografii

Grzegorz Olszański


Poetics of the Negatives. Tadeusz Różewicz and the Photography

The article Poetics of the Negatives poses a question about the position of photography in creation of the writers’images. Exemplified in the most substantial part by the pictures of Tadeusz Różewicz, taken by a prominent artist photographer Adam Hawałej of Wrocław, published in his two books (Różewicz, Śmietnik [Garbage]), the article aims to reconstruct Różewicz’s attitudes towards the photographic medium. The author of Niepokój [Faces of Anxiety] initially appears as an artist protecting his privacy, at the same time negating the creative measure of photography (in favor of its documentary role). However, as time passed and possibly because of his friendship with several outstanding photographers (A. Hawałej, J. Olek and J. Stankiewicz), his view on photography tended to evolve while the artist himself became not only the subject of numerous exquisite works, but eventually the author of many. The article concludes with an interpretation of the photographic happening captured by Adam Hawałej and published in the book Śmietnik.

Słowa kluczowe: poezja, Tadeusz Różewicz, fotografia, wizerunek, śmieci, uśmiech

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