Z czego się śmieje wiersz Różewicza?

Piotr Michałowski


What is Różewicz Laughing about?

An overview of motifs appearing in Tadeusz Różewicz’s poetry such as these of „jester” and „clownery,” „smile,” „laughter”and „mockery”serves as a background for the title reflection, in which the questions of affirmation of someone else’s joy of life; acceptance for ludic laughter; therapeutic role of laughter in face of war trauma; and satirical distance from the observed events come to the forefront. In Różewicz’s oeuvre, a meta-poetic reflexion on the role of laughter in poetry appears from the very beginning as well. The laughter means here the critique or the negation of poetry and the poet; irony and self-mockery –of different type and of different reach that go to the extremes of negative self-topicality. Ridicule of a poem becomes a leitmotif in the late oeuvre of Różewicz as its loudest manifestations are contained in the volume Płaskorzeźba [Bas-relief].

Słowa kluczowe: Tadeusz Różewicz, śmiech, śmieszność, humor, błazen

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