Metodo di indagare basato sul dialogo nella serie montalbaniana di Andrea Camilleri e strategia del dialogo filosofico

Katarzyna Piekarz


The aim of the article is to present the figure of Salvo Montalbano created by Andrea Camillerim and his method of conducting investigations based on the dialogue, which creates an association with the dialogue as a way of discovering the truth adapted by Socrates. Although in the case of Socrates the purpose of the dialogue was to lead his interlocutor to the discovery of the truth, in Camilleri’s stories, it is Montalbano himself who gains the knowledge and arrives at the truth. But both of them want to discover the truth at all costs, both demonstrate thorough knowledge of the human psychology, and both employ deception and irony, both make use of logic to draw their conclusions, and – last though not least – for both Socrates and Montalbano humour plays an important part in their way of conducting the dialogues.

Słowa kluczowe: Camilleri, Socratic dialogue, investigation, truth, detective stories

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