Scenariusze inicjacyjne w prozie słowackiej po 1989 roku

Olga Stawińska


Przemysław Czapliński, a well-known Polish literary critic, once wrote: “The novel of initiation belongs to the genres – next to the parody and pastiche – well-suited for the privileged position to assist any radical political change. This is because the novel of initiation facilitates the transformation of aesthetics.” My paper will attempt to demonstrate three different findings of the “initiation-theme” and the “coming-of-age approaches” in the Slovak literature after the revolution of 1989: the ritual of entry into the history of literature after the political change, the ritual of making the contact with readers, and the fictional characters’ ritual – literary protagonist’s initiation. For this purpose, I will analyse contemporary works from the repertoire of several relevant Slovak authors (Peter Pišťanek, Márius Kopcsay, Pavol Rankov, Ivana Dobrakovová and Zuska Kepplová).

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